Theme: "We are the church that tells everybody about Jesus"
Theme: "We are the church that tells everybody about Jesus"

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The Springfield Missionary Baptist Church was initally started on April 1, 1963 with a meeting in the home of Rev. Jessie L. Jones and Sis. Clotee Jones.At this meeting there were four members who asked Rev. Jones to become the pastor of the church.On July 17, 1963 the Springfield Missionary Baptist was formally organized.Rev Jones decided to leave the church for unknown reasons, leavind behind three members-Sis. Flora Hurner, Sis.Clotee Jones and Mother Laura Jordan who begin looking for a new pastor.At this time, the members did not have a currch of their own, so they worshipped in the basement of Bibeway Church on East Boulevard from February 14, 1974 until June 1974. God continued to bless the church and new members includind Bro.Gilbert Preston, Bro. Harold Johnson,and Sis. Inell Cohen joined the church.God is so awesome because little did these members know that Bro.Gilbert Preston would one day give a generous  blessing to the Springfield Missionary Baptist Church.



Pastor Cohen and the members desired to purchase a building of their own for worship. They diligently worked selling Barbeque Dinners, Raffle Tickets,and ice Cream to secure funds for their new church.On November 10,1974 with six members a building at 135 Prospect Street was purchased. On December 7,1974 the church became known as New Springfield Missionary Baptist Church by Pastor Cohen and its members.The cornerstone was dedicated in 1974 with many friends, family and members viewing this special event.


The church grew under the leadership of Rev.Cohen and had approximately 100 members.Numerous building updates were completed to the church including remolding of the sanctuary, demolition of the church parsonage, new parking lot and the elimination of the church mortgage.


In the early 1990's the church's structure began to deteriorate rapidly making it necessary for Pastor Cohen and the members to began dicussions about building a new church.Earlier God had touched the heart of our beloved Bro. Gilbert Preston to donate property to the church. In June 1995 a groungbreaking ceremony was held and plans began for the construction of a new church on the land.


Pastor Cohen knew his health was failing but kept the faith that God would let him walk into the new building. He relied on the trustees during this time to get the building completed and provide him with updates.There were three key people he looked to- Bro George Cohen,church treasurer, Sis. Lillian Duncan, Chairperson of Trustees and Deacon Roger Jackson who monitored activities at the site.


On Sunday, April 14,1996 the members walked from the old church to the new one at 124 Prospect Street.


A dedication service was held on Sunday, June 25,1996 with Pastor Cohen's church family from Fowlstown, Georgia as guest.


After twenty three years of service, Pastor Cohen was called home to be with the Lord on July 27, 1997. Mother Inell Cohen died that same year and Mother Laura Jordon and Sis. Flora Hurner were called to glory in earlier years.



After months of grieving, under the direction of our Chairman of Deacon Board, Deacon Jessie Cohen, A pulpit committee was formed with a mission of assisting the church in finding a new pastor.The more we prayed, the more God answered.


The church voted on January 7, 1998 to call Rev.Lenworth Miner Jr. He accepted with great joy and on February 22, 1998, was installed as pastor of New Springfield Missionary Baptist Church.


After the selsction of a new leader, some members left to form a new relationship-Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church founded by Rev. Thomas Johnson.


Being led by the Holy Spirit,Pastor Miner immediately began to form new ministries to strengthen the spriitial growth of the members. These ministers included the Young Adult Ministry and Christian Education Ministry. He also created New Members Orientation Class and a Clerical Team

to handle administrative duties.


Pastor Miner's vision for a Christ Centered Ministry focusing on The Perfecting Of The Saints, The Work Of The Ministry And The Edifying Of The Body Of Christ, led some 300 members to the church during his pastorate.


An outgrowth of New Springfield is First Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church founded by Rev. Eddie Potlow.


Sadly, on November 10,2010 Pastor Miner died suddenly at his home.



The sudden loss of Pastor Miner was devastating to New Springfield and the community.We continued to pray that God would send the leader He wanted for us.


A Pulpit committee was formed that included the Deacons and three members who was charged with assiting the church in its efforts to find a new pastor.  


After nine months, the church voted on August 5, 2011 to call Rev. William Parker, Jr.He accepted the position. Sunday, November 12,2011, Rev. Parker was installed as pastor of New Springfield Missionary Baptist Church. First Lady Jennifer Parker serves  faithfully with him.


God has given Pastor Parker a vision for New Springfield to be strengthened through studying and sharing God's word with others. We are with God's help, becoming "THE CHURCH THAT PREACHERS AND TEACHES THE WORD OF GOD, SO THAT LIVES ARE CHANGED AND JESUS CHRIST, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS GLORIFIED."


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